When I think of the Sandalwood tree, tall, majestic and towering comes to mind. In reality, however, the world’s most hunted tree is small, modest, shrub-like. It’s entirely possible my appreciation of Sandalwood’s ancient spirit, deep reaching psycho-active aromatics, exceptionally slow growth and high commodity value bestows this warped image of physical grandness. Also, unlike Christo who travelled extensively through India and South Western Australia, I have never seen this tree in real life.
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NEW HARVEST: This year's orange blossom, leaf + stems

In my eternal quest to minimise use and quantities of essential oils in our formulation, sun-infused whole plant extracts of intensely aromatic botanicals are my constant joy. These Seville Bitter Orange blossoms we harvested in Kangaroo Valley over Spring are what Neroli essential oil is made of, a minute amount of which we use in our LUXURIOUS BODY FIRMING OIL for ethereal body activation: it relaxes the mind, soothes nerves, and lifts anxiety.

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SACRED TRINITY / The all-healing threesome of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
All our compositions are amplified with the high vibration Sacred Trinity of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. Each powerful on their own, when combined, these ancient offerings of the three wise kings enhance each other’s physical and psychoactive effects. They synergise to align our physical and spiritual well being, activate ‘qi’ movement – our life force, and ultimately help us live (and age) gracefully.
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