"A three-fold cord is not easily broken”

~ E C C L E S I A S T E S  4.12.

We don’t work along the usual lines of carrier oil+ actives + fragrance, because each ingredient in our skincare is active and has it’s very unique way of synergising.

Much rather, we compose our skincare following the sacred principle of THREE. Like Nature creates it’s plants, like composers layer their symphonies, architects build houses, parfumeurs create their scents (grounding base, complex middle, ethereal top):

Energising Foundation
Balancing Center
Harmonising Charge (our ‘Sacred Trinity’ blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and 24 karat Gold) 

The three-fold composition of our skincare follows the principles of ‘wholeness’: It honours the 3-layered structure of our skin (epidermis-dermis-hypodermis), and plants (root-stem-blossom), and considers the wholistic traditions of homeopathic therapies, in which every living being, including Earth, is regarded a sacred trinity of body, soul and spirit; a ‘whole’.