“We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking we used
when we created them.”

~ A L B E R T  E I N S T E I N


We designed our packaging with the vision to not just minimise waste and maximise recyclable content, but to create a thing of beauty, quality and function.


Our compositions are presented in patented UV light filtering Miron glass vessels with recycled foil-printed paper labels, or hand-applied traditional pine resin wax seal. You can – and must - re-use them for making your own compositions (find some recipes here). The closures are recyclable, when disposed of separately to the glass, so please do so.

German made Miron glass blocks out all the complete spectrum of light apart from the good vibration UV (Violet) light which charges your compositions with the Sun’s qi (life force) energy.

This process is proven to enhance the quality of our compositions and preserves shelf life.

If you hold our bottles against the light, you can see the violet light.

Following ancient apothecary tradition, our bottles are purified with Myrrh + Frankincense smoke prior to filling to boost longevity of the composition and to bestow genius of spirit.


Our outer sleeves are hand stitched by Christo on his old sewing machine.

He has a background in fabric and has been making soft furnishings for decades.

Initially, we just wanted to avoid making packaging in China, like pretty much everyone else in Australia.

We also could not afford large print runs, so we sat down, reached deep back into Johanna’s brand design background (and her recycled paper stash), and designed our little wabi-sabi sleeve.

At the moment, we make them from Mi-Tiente Canson paper, which uses recycled paper and pulp from certified sustainable forests.


Our Herbin made sealing wax contains NO vinyl or plastic to make it pliable, and has been made by the same Parisian sealing wax maker since 1600 for the Kings and Queens of Europe. 


We use acid free tissue paper manufactured from recycled and sustainably managed materials. it is dyed with water based botanical inks and are compostable or can be recycled.


Our postage boxes are recycled cardboard and are made in Australia, and are compostable or can be recycled.


We use biodegradable sticky tape, but will phase this out by end of July 2019 to only use water-activated recycled paper tape, making our postage packs 100% plastic free.


We use, which is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipping company. It will take longer, but hey, what's the rush. Check their credentials here


We are working on replacing our closures with old-school corks, sealed with soft beeswax like wine bottles. It's top on our priority list. We happily recycle your packaging if you want to send it back to us, and will give you $25 off your next purchase. Please contact if you're interested to part take in this procedure.