"If you don't
have a sword
in your Nature,
you can't
hold your line

C H R I S T O  +  J O H A N N A  E V E R I N G H A M
Christo + Johanna Everingham


We want to remind people of the ‘Whole’, the spirit of things. 

The Spiritual is fundamental to our brand, makeup and understanding of the world. Exceptional quality has a story behind it, is imbued with a human beings' touch, soul and spirit. It supports all things authentic and lasting.

By bringing together Nature, wholistic processes and spiritual awareness, we create alive skincare compositions imbued with celestial energy, profound knowledge, and respect for Nature. Always engaging in natural processes that draw from the whole, in ways that are sustainable, respectful and ethical.

LĒPAAR is for the conscious human: For wise women and men seeking to nurture their body, centre their soul, and lift their spirit with synergistic skincare , reminding us that the powers of Sun, Moon and Stars can be captured in processes ancient and healing.


Nurtured by her Steiner School education and artistic-inspired, somewhat hippie-esque upbringing within the humanistic/spiritual Antroposophic movement – which her parents and grandparents were deeply involved in – Johanna has always been drawn to the natural, spirit-imbued quality of things.

​Introduced to organic cosmetic and medicine crafting by her alchemist mother Ulla, Johanna has been making her own skincare compositions for over 20 years. She finds the most exquisite, often long forgotten ingredients, and experiments with traditional folk methods, refining her formulas ‘until they sing’. 


Christo’s interest has been an exploration of culture, from the basic to the refined. Tribal art and furniture, the absurd to the divine, working in European fabric houses for the love of texture, in theatre and dance to study the form of lighting and movement. But mostly his wanderings have been an exploration of the spirit in all things.

Inspired by Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard in his 20s, he learned how to sew so he could make his own tents, backpacks and bags. A skill that's lead us to develop our hand stitched outer packaging.


Whether it is the passing on of old wisdoms lost, reviving practices that nurture all, collaborating with growers and artisans that instil their creations with love and mastery – it is essentially the acknowledgement of the spirit of things which drives our intent to create a brand that defines and tells this story.

The story of LEPAAR is the culmination of two people coming together; the pairing of a shared passion for quality, refinement and beauty; of growing a business that supports what is good, ethical and alive.

Our very different worlds that we come from hold very similar values in spirit and form. Our story is to bring these two things together. Refinement and spirit.

​We divide our time between Australia's iconic Bondi Beach and our 100 acre property in the pristine Kangaroo Valley, where we grow our own trees, herbs and flowers following biodynamic principles, dabble in natural beekeeping, recharge our souls, and welcome family and friends.