“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos,
music embedded deep within us to which we dance,
even when we can't name the tune.” 

~ D E P A K  C H O P R A

Biodynamic developed through the Anthroposophic teachings of Rudolf Steiner, an early 20th century German philosopher, humanist and wholistic activist, who pioneered biodynamic principles, homeopathy and founded the eponymous Steiner schools, which Johanna's family has been actively involved with for 4 generations - from founding days to setting up schools all over the world.

Basically, we consider Biodynamic to be the next level organic.

Literally meaning ‘life force’, Biodynamic principles seek to instil harmony in nature, and consider everything - earth, plants, animals humans, sun, moon, stars - to be part of a whole.

Biodynamic principles aim to create a fully sustainable production cycle, working with the organism of Earth, drawing on cosmic forces, using rhythmic stirring to activate natural fertilisers, following the lunar cycle and observing the seasons. All to create exceptional, alive produce with strong qi (lifeforce).

It’s not rocket science, just a very natural, authentic way of being.