OLIVE OIL / Ancient Medicine. Eternal Fountain of Youth.

OLIVE OIL / Ancient Medicine. Eternal Fountain of Youth.

In Australia, the certified Demeter biodynamic Olives for the oil we are using for our sun-infused extracts are harvested between April and June, cold-pressed right there on the Yalla-Y-Poora estate down in the Euro-esque South of Australia.

The olives harvested early in the season produce the chlorophyl-rich green Olive oil, whereas the ones picked later yield the golden hued Carotenoid-loaded oil I like using because it synergises so beautifully with the properties of my botanicals.

There's a lot of expert talk out there that the colour of the olive oil has zero influence on taste, quality or properties, which I – coming from a deeply wholistic view point – think to be a ludicrous statement. Do we not know by now that everything influences, holds and enlivens everything? The singular sensory craze goes so far, that blue glass is used in commercial taste testing of Olive oil to neutralise and hide it's colour, What ever happened to feasting your eyes? And why do chefs go to such trouble presenting their food so it looks beautiful? EVERY THING COUNTS!

I'll leave you with one of the lesser talked about compounds of Olive oil: Hydroxytyrosol, which has one of the highest know ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) results known for a totally natural antioxidant, which helps prevent UVA-induced protein damage to the skin and prevents premature aging like no other.

All our whole plant extracts are sun-infused for 6 months or longer  in certified Demeter biodynamic Olive oil, bringing you the amplified skin preserving benefits of this Ancient of Ancient medicinal fruit.

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