NEW HARVEST: This year's orange blossom, leaf + stems

NEW HARVEST: This year's orange blossom, leaf + stems

In my eternal quest to minimise use and quantities of essential oils in our formulation, sun-infused whole plant extracts of intensely aromatic botanicals are my constant joy.

These Seville Bitter Orange blossoms we harvested in Kangaroo Valley over Spring are what Neroli essential oil is made of, a minute amount of which we use in our LUXURIOUS BODY FIRMING OIL for ethereal body activation: it relaxes the mind, soothes nerves, and lifts anxiety.

But the life, the 'qi-factor' as I like to call it, comes from the sun-infused extract made from blossoms, leaves and stems. It imbues our senses with a close-my-eyes-and-be-still-for-a-moment fragrance that fortifies the whole being, an aromatic breathe of Mother Nature, a greeting from our Orange tree.

A quick word about harvesting blossoms: we also want to harvest Oranges in Winter, and the bees feed on the blossoms, which is why we pick only a few handfuls of flowers and also take the tender aromatic leaves and stems. Christo used to work as a landscape gardener and knows how to prune to maximise yield, so our blossom harvest helped the tree to produce sweet, aromatic Oranges. Most of which the possums got, neatly nibbling out the juicy flesh and leaving the hollowed skin’s dangling in the tree like taunting trophies.


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