KANGAROO PAW / The Natural Face Lift.

KANGAROO PAW / The Natural Face Lift.

It always seemed strange that growing our Kangaroo Paw big enough to harvest took us so long – given the plant is native to Australia, ultra hardy and abundant everywhere else, even on the highway middle strip.

Until we caught the resident Rock Wallaby sitting right in the middle of the bush, indiscriminately ripping off leaves and flowers. Fair enough, the place is not exactly fenced and walled... So we left it to Nature and learned along the way that the Kangaroo Paw has adapted exactly to those events, and eventually grew faster than the wallaby could eat, or I could pick. 

So here it is, one of the most iconic Australian plants, named after the most iconic Australian animal – hand picked, then gently air dried and sun-infused in biodynamic Olive Oil for 6 month to become a beautifully skin restoring whole plant extract.

In ELASTIC LOVE, Kangaroo Paw is there to reduce wrinkles, rapidly tighten sagging skin, and replenish Linoleic Acid to stimulate cell regeneration, strengthen barrier function and lock in hydration.

Each drop is a natural face lift, a skin smoother, and neck firmer.


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