Sun-infusion is an ancient method we use to gently release the medicinal properties from our flowers, fruit, skins, leaves, bark, resins, seeds, even wood and minerals, into biodynamic Olive oil with the divine energy of the Sun over a period of 4-6 months – sometimes up to 1 year for a specifically precious vintage.

The lengths varies with my botanicals, barks, roots and skins take longer to extract, as their structure is more dense than the one of leaves or flowers, and resins need to be separated from their water soluble gums before they dissolve into my oil.

This slow natural process produces zero carbon footprint and preserves the heat sensitive medicinal properties of our botanicals and cold pressed oils and synergises their healing powers in ways that stove-top produced extracts just can't in my humble experience. It also allows me to use unrefined, extra virgin and cold pressed olive oil, whereas commercially, the less nutritious, refined and heat stable sunflower seed oil is used.

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