Figue 40 Isamu Noguchi. Michio Ito.

This follows on from my last post, ‘joining the dots’.

I make assumptions that we are all on the same page yet what am I talking about when I say,'conscious decision’s'?

There is a Taoist saying ‘The bigger the front the bigger the back’. It speaks of the puff and blow, smoke and mirrors; of people, notions, brands, and ideas.The bigger the puff and blow, the larger the empty area at the back. This speaks of the substance, truth, transparency.

I have been riffling through my old FT Weekenders trying to find the article on the top luxury brands. No luck. Most are chasing the ephemeral Millennials, (fastest growing market). The one I was looking for, suggested 35 is the age of reason, meaning an age when we start to look deeper have more social conscious. One is fleeting, damaging, the other has longevity and is Wholistic.

Conscious purchasing is about looking at the back end of what you buy.

What is it made from?

Where is it made?

Who made it?

How does it affect the world and those involved?

It is also apt to look at why a brand or person is making what they are and how.

As adults, we should be posing these questions for all that we buy, from food to luxury goods and be willing to pay more for supporting that which matters to us.

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