TAURUS SEASON / Sometimes, I’m so over the Moon…

L’Officiel Fr. March 2000 - Talytha Pugliesi by Christophe Kutner

Sometimes, I’m so over the Moon… Alas, this New Moon’s in Taurus, so rock it like it’s May, my fellow Taureans & friends. Here’s to lives lived passionately — read the below and tell me it made you smile:

“When I am 90 I want to walk lightly in moccasined feet  on the desert floor as Georgia O'Keeffe did.

At 106 I want to be as outrageous as
Beatrice Wood, the Ojai potter who said it was younger lovers that kept her young.

At 121 I want to wink at the Spectral Reaper like Jeanne Calment, the French woman in Arles -- Stopped smoking at 115, “It was getting to be a habit", she said. Olive oil, red wine, and a sense of humour kept her going to make a rap album at 120. “Oh yes, I knew Van Gogh."she told reporters, "He was annoying!"

I'd like to have the guts of Martha Graham still on stage at 90.

I want to keep dancing too. Though I might not match their talents my spirit aspires. Some rage at the dark. But those sassy dames, with all their passion, gave one more twirl, and one last KICK! As they went dancing into the dark night."

~ Julia Lauren Montrond CA 'Dancing Into Dark'

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