SUN-INFUSION / Extracting Natures Life Force

SUN-INFUSION / Extracting Natures Life Force
I believe the synergistic healing powers, formed by the Earth, Air, Light and Water available in a plants native environment, carry a life force that holds it’s inherent potency long beyond a plant’s life.

This life force settles in the roots and bark, accumulates in the stem and trunk, concentrates in the leaves and flowers.

Dry plants are never dead to me. They are concentrated holders of magnificent healing powers, waiting to be unlocked and extracted.

We create our tri-fold extracts by infusing air dried botanicals into virgin Olive Oil for up to 12 months, using only the radiant warmth of the Sun. The plant matter is changed 3 times to intensify and amplify the extract. This gentle method of sun-infusion preserves the plant’s heat sensitive plant compounds, as well as their unique fragrance and flavour profiles.

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