A process that takes time and draws from the healing powers of nature – These are my musings.

Where do we stop and the world begins? What is this barrier 'skin', how porous, how absorbing?

What we put on our skin will feed our whole body.

The process of infusing herbs in exquisite quality olive oil for months in the sun not only harnesses the energy of the sun, moon, and stars but imbues the oil with the whole plant. Essential oils are very one dimensional, extracting through chemical or steam. An extract, as opposed to collecting the whole aspect of the plant. From a sustainable point of view, essential oils are quite poor, needing vast amounts of, say roses, to produce a tiny amount of extract, this is very wasteful.

Infusions use very little resources and utilise the whole plant.

Gently infusing in the sun over long periods means charged life force enters the oil as well as the plants healing properties.

When we talk about science in our skincare this is the ultimate science, the wisdom of Nature.

The fallacy of different skincare for different skin types.

A natural quality skincare should harmonise and balance and harmonise the skin.

We are talking about food for the skin. A good food nurtures, balances, becoming one with. A poor food draws from the body or sits separately, apart.

There is a propensity for people to use many different skin care products, this may be hoping to get something different out of each one, not trusting that one will work so hedging bets or the fallacy that we should change products so our skin does not get used to it.

There is a spiritual principle called ‘taking the one seat’. Outwardly it means selecting one practice and teacher among all, stick with that practice until you come to true clarity and understanding.

Honour one thing, give it time. Make wise choices from an aligned place.

Stop jumping from raft to raft hoping for a miracle, transformation takes time.

Certain products contain silicon and other fillers to give the impression of transformation but are hollow promises.

Nurture yourself ritually inside and out day by day with quality that sings.

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