SELF LOVE / A self care ritual

SELF LOVE / A self care ritual

In the Valley, in our house, by the fire, from the shower. I stand wet and naked.

A space to stretch, massage and give attention to self.

I have always massaged sore and needy places in the body, but using our skincare with its deeply complexity, silken textures and natural aroma’s has brought another dimension to this ritual of self care.

I apply the precious face elixir to my face and neck - way to much Johanna tells me. And then slowly massage around my eyes, across my forehead and cheeks, temples and jaw. Aware of how each part feels and whether any tension is present.

So too with the body oil. I massage my arms and legs, across my shoulders and into the hands.

This process is nurturing, awareness building and heeling for lymphatic, muscles and skin .

This is more than fostering beautiful skin. This is self love.

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