Process and provenance as a way to join the dots.

When we speak of 'wholistic', reminding of the spirit of things, supporting the things you love, We are speaking of sustainability, ethics, the environment and practices that support these things. Lepaar produces skincare, garden hoses, brass and Kangaroo leather products. The thing that tires these things together is the process and provenance of materials, labor and carbon footprint that they embody.

These things that we produce support our life but also connect us with what is most important to us and other people who share the same respect for these ways.

These blog posts are about joining the dots, connecting you with other people business, ideas, philosophies. Things that are in line with supporting the 'whole'.

I pose the question quite often, What can I give? how can I support these notions?

Well, I delve into our library of books, to remember, to pass on.Cast my eyes out for the new. 

There is a common thread that connects our interests and relationships at the moment. These connections drive what we do. 

We are drawn to natural wines for the same reason that we drawn to produce our skincare, process and provenance. We are lovers of food and restaurants for this same reason. Always questioning the back end. Is it sustainable, local where possible, exquisite, ethical etc.Through these journeys we meet produces from other places and fields who we start conversations with. Cross-pollination begins around shared notions. MIT university's building 9 became very famous for producing an extraordinary amount of patents. On investigation it was realised that for the lack of space, several different departments where put together.Bumping shoulders around the coffee machine and in hallways, inevitably discussing what they were doing. Boom, innovation from having ideas out of the know construct.

I helped a friend Brendan Cato make his natural wine from biodynamic grown grapes. We press the grapes and are left with this cake, usually discarded, it happens to contain beautifully rich properties perfect for skincare and internal tinctures. So too with our friend who sources coffee, straight from the farmer. His bi-products are the husks from the roast which happen to have similar properties to psyllium husks, bingo, as too does the expressed coffee we use in face scrubs.

My point is too high-lite the value in cross-pollination between kindred industries to strengthen wholistic practices (sustainability. transparency, ethical, etc).

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