PASSED ON WISDOMS: The journey towards wholeness continues.

PASSED ON WISDOMS: The journey towards wholeness continues.

Every moment we chose to move towards spliterdness or wholeness, fear and doubt or compassion and wisdom, the five-sensory or the multi-sensory self. We cast ourselves towards pleasure or re-creation to avoid pain. All these ways of avoiding the discomfort emotion, of not knowing. Our emotions rule us but it is just energy in motion.

Pena Chodron talks about leaning in to the discomfit, Gary Zucav talks about challenging fear and doubt with compassion and wisdom. To not avoid but bring kindness, compassion, clarity and humbleness to all that we are.

A journey towards wholeness.

To never give up, every moment is a moment to start again. 

I am learning to let go of all that i am not and remember the wisdom of my experience of being. To challenge my propensity to splinter by making choices that heal wounded parts of myself. A multi-life long quest.

When I ask myself what I want, I now ask what part am I asking, the whole part or the splintered? They tend to be very different answers depending on who your listening to. I want the wisdom of clarity right now. 

Know one knows what is happening really. But I trust in Love.

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