PAPAYA / An Inside Out Metaboliser

PAPAYA / An Inside Out Metaboliser
Even after 23 years, I still find it wildly exotic to live in a place where Papaya’s grow.

They’ve become my top fave Summer fruit, often making an appearance at breakfast, lunch and dinner to aid digestion reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and protect our hearts. The seeds I grind into Papaya pepper that tastes a bit like Nasturtium/watercress. They help with fat metabolism, tone the kidneys and are used in folk medicine for treating parasites.

They’re in season now — sweet, fragrant, and densely packed with nutrients. Ready for me to slice as thinly as their messy insides allow, gently air dry, then sun-infuse for 4-6 months in biodynamic Olive oil — fruit, skins, seeds and all. After maceration, I synergies the heavenly scented extract with organic Papaya seed oil and add it to VELVET + TINTED SOLE LIP BALMS and PRECIOUS FACE ELIXIR.

Papaya extract and seed oil brighten the complexion, balance pigmentation, have remarkable water retaining properties to keep skin moisturized, contain the unique exfoliating enzyme papain to gently resurface the skin, fade age and sun spots, even skin tone and reduce lines. Botanical superhero, inside out.

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