NIGHT TIME ENERGY / A 5 point ritual to cleanse soul and spirit

NIGHT TIME ENERGY  / A 5 point ritual to cleanse soul and spirit

Move aside, washing, scrubbing, brushing, masking, and steaming – a 5 point ritual to cleanse soul and spirit is all I need to make me whole again, invite peaceful sleep, rejuvenating rest, and bright eyes on wake up. 

I've spend all my life with night time rituals that are equally cleansing my whole being, body soul and spirit. 

As a child, it was wash, song and a good night prayer. As I grew older, I found my own way of energy clearing before sleep, through friends, teachers and my own studies.

I sang my daughter to sleep for 10+ years after we said a little mantra for protection (and my heart broke a little when she told me at 11 that maybe she doesn't need the song anymore...)


Take five deep yogic breaths into your sternum, feeling your belly rise: in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Surround yourself with an imaginary cocoon of radiant purple light. Starting at the crown of your head, slowly move this light inside and through your body, slowly drawing it down towards your feet, filling very cell, tissue, fluid, bone, organ and fibre of your very being with purple light. You might see the colour more intense in areas w here you are tense or injured.


Visualise your energy cords disconnecting from everything that's been draining you – stress, anger, thoughts, people, places, encounters. Visualise your energy returning to you – you might feel you can't give it a colour, or it feels dirty or dull; still – take it all back as it comes, it's yours to cleanse. 


As your energy returns, wash it with that healing purple light that surrounds you, to cleanse it off all negativity and heaviness.


Once your energy has been reclaimed, and you feel you have done the releasing, cleansing and aligning work, surround yourself with white light. Let it surge through your body head to toe, strengthening your energy field and bathing you in bliss.

You are safe.


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