MOON SWINGS / Our celestial modulator

MOON SWINGS / Our celestial modulator

Just like the moon rules all body's of water on Earth, it also influences the liquid nature of our spiritual being, swings our mood and plays our emotional register. 

For balanced souls, this is mostly a sweet ride, but show me the person who's in perfect order really, most of us swing from high to low and back again, experiencing both the joy of being on top of things for a moment only to crash down again into a land of pain. 

It is life. It happens in real time. And, unless someone suffers from clinical depression, the lows are as normal as the high. No pill can take this away, it just dulls the senses and puts the mind on a straight and narrow bandwidth of nothing.

I have never been on antidepressants, but am surrounded by people on prescription drugs to 'function normally', and I have seen them in their moments of sadness and distress, without tools to handle the darkness.

Christo + I forever thank our guardians, good fortune and spirit forces, for sending the gift of meditation and contemplation our way. Because when the storm hits, we know now to just sit still, surround ourselves with white light, drop into our heartspace, and let it rage, hurt and take us apart. Sometime it only just scratches the surface of my soul, sometimes it rips a crater of epic proportions. 

But then a new day comes, and we remember the sunseekers we are.

We are all connected via the ruling forces of the universe, the matrix of a greater consciousness. We are meant to feel the pain. Our own but also that of others. We must never dull our senses, but keep looking, feeling and hurting, so we can do something to help. It's humanity's true calling, our responsibility above everything else.

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