“A flower in bloom, is full, but holds no tension”.

There is a science term, utilised in exercise physiology called ‘just-noticeable difference’.

It is the idea in any physical task, to discern what muscles are necessary, and relax those that are not.

“I am lifting a heavy bag with one arm, but I am scanning through my body to make sure that I am not tensing muscles that are unnecessary for that task. Is my jaw relaxed, are the muscles in my face at ease, and how much exertion do I really need to carry this” ?

It is often the case when performing movement, that muscles not involved in the action are tense.

With awareness comes a refinement of how much tension is necessary for the particular task. 

The practice is to scan through the body, relaxing muscles that are not involved, thereby conserving energy. 

From a beauty point of view. If you are tensing muscles of your face as you perform tasks, furrowing the same points, lines form from these habitual holdings.

By becoming more conscious of ourselves in our bodies, relaxing parts that are not being used, using only the amount of effort required, as we move, we can develop a more composed, serene being, and avoid deep lines forming.

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