I have come out of quite a spell of ‘not knowing’.

I have the propensity not move until I am moved, maybe it is a practice that I follow.

Either way, it has probably been a few years of wondering the world in this state of not knowing. Having deconstructed my identities yet again, only following the soft animal of the self as the poet Mary Oliver writes so eloquently. 

Having been a designer but not seeing the usefulness of another product or thing in this world with so many, brought me to a crisis of identity and meaning.

Happily, this crisis coincided with my wife and business partners inspired movement towards a skincare line of such grace and alignment that I have been supporting this.

During this time of unknowing I have been meeting many new people, I have listened, allowed myself to be in where I was.

Slowly the dots started to join.

Many of these people that I was meeting were aligned with the notions that have been rolling around my whole life. Heart-full Spirit. To move through this world from a place of alignment with an open heart. Imbuing what you do with spirit and kindness. 

LEPAAR for me needed to have a larger meaning than making things with good people.

This is what we do but not who we are.

LEPAAR’s bigger picture is to start having conversations around these principals. Connect around a shared notion of life and create.

 LEPAAR’s credo is to remind people of the spirit. To nurture thy self. And move towards that which is 

* ’Whole’, reminding people to make conscious decisions from the right alignment.

Sometimes we need more than ourselves to be moved.

We connect with that which moves towards wholeness. The conversations we are having are towards life-full happenings in nurturing relationships. 

Moving towards that which excites.

*That which is ‘Whole” is fully alive. relax yet full. Expressing in all directions, it has no empty area, is complete, has a center. 


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