INSIDE OUT: Natural Skincare As Part Of The Whole

Caspar David Friedrich.Monch am Meer,1809/10

Our wholistic skincare compositions can only be part of the Whole you nurture and look after – using them alone do not make you wholesome.

Remember the body of water that you are – replenish, replenish, replenish. All day, little sips of quality water. Make good choices around plastic drinking containers. Buy in glass, recycle, have a water filter, have your own bottle, make it a habit.

Eat with consciousness and balance. Practice moderation in all things, even in excess, we are human, here to celebrate life too. Start to become interested in the provenance of what you eat, avoid those whose back end is not clear or supporting a better world.

Keep things in perspective with a view to what really matters. Life is wonderful, stress is unhealthy. Learn to tool of letting go, it's powerful. Breathe well. Long, slow, deep, even, fine, and tranquil. The quality of breath brings with it spirit, awareness and health.There are correlations between the quality of breath and stress.

Don't beat yourself up, building from negativity is difficult, building from positivity, an easier path. Where to from here is a question that I pose often.

We know most of these things. I remind myself as I remind you. It's not a perfect world and neither we. Yet we can move towards Wholeness, making changes when and where we can, for inside and out health and wellbeing of all. 

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