We’re so conditioned into fearing, shunning and avoiding the Sun, to defend, protect, fight, screen etc from it's rays, that we have but forgotten about the incredible psychoactive and physical health building properties of Sunlight.

Sunlight not only helps our body make Vitamin D, which balances our body's calcium and phosphorus levels important for building and maintains strong bones, but it also increases our brains release of the 'happy hormone' serotonin. Serotonin is associated with lifting our mood, regulating mood swings, boosting feelings of happiness, relieves stress and increases focus, serenity and calm.

Serotonin release is triggered by Sunlight shining directly into our eyes, so let's take off our shades for a moment and let that joyous light fill us entirely, fontanelle to toe, illuminate and enlighten our whole being.

Low serotonin levels elevate melatonin levels, the 'night' hormone responsible for slowing us down at night time, decreasing alertness and inducing sleep, so we want melatonin levels high and spiked at night, but low and measured at daytime, when we want to drink life and be active.

As we enter a time of higher awareness, greater knowledge and open mindedness, maybe it's also time to ease our obsession with 30+ sun protection, we might all sleep better at night! Personally, I'd rather get high on sun-induced serotonins than anything else.

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