CIRCADIAN RHYTHM / Our body's biological 24 hrs clock

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM / Our body's biological 24 hrs clock

I've always pictured the circadian rhythm – our body's biological 24 hrs clock – as a long deep inhale during the day, and a long releasing exhale overnight. 

While we are awake, it's all about intake: food, drink, thought, impression, action, energy. While we are sleeping, our body is sorting through the gatherings of the day: storing, metabolising, rebuilding, filtering, discarding. It's an incredibly efficient, finely synced process, one that allows us to rise to a new day renewed and fresh, free of yesterday's excesses, load and waste.

Liver and skin, our body's largest organs, especially play a vital role in this nocturnal cleansing process. Intimately connected, both organs work together to eliminate toxins and restore chi overnight, however, just as a heavy late night meal or drink can disrupt liver function, rich, nutrient loaded night creams can interfere with the skin's ability to do it's job and excrete toxins while we sleep.

Over time, this leads to impaired liver function, accumulated toxins in our blood stream and lymphatic system, which in turn causes acne and dry, itchy, irritated and sagging skin.

Our INTENSIVE RENEW NIGHT ELIXIR is an ultra lightweight, non-clogging composition especially created to harmonise with our circadian rhythm. It gently supports nocturnal liver function and subtly promotes the skin's detoxification process.

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