BIODYNAMIC / The Energy Of Life

Photo: Moori (@muuxin)

Biodynamic farming is slowly gathering momentum and acknowledgement in Australia, but there are still perplexingly little biodynamic products available in stores or markets, and when you ask anyone, it's because of price point.

I come from a moneyless family, my parents raised 5 kids in adventurous financial conditions, and to this day, I have no idea how they did it. But I remember a lot of cheese cut offs, meat balls with a disastrous meat-to-oat ratio, holidays in friends houses, and hand-me-downs. I also vividly remember something us Germans call ÖKO food: biodynamic and organic everything. From wool/silk pajamas, caoutchouc rubber soles, Holle babyfood, Dr Hauschka (then Wala) rose cream.

That stuff is expensive, but there was just no compromise for my parents, because it was about more than feeding and clothing us, it was about giving us a conscious, if somewhat chaotic, upbringing. Aware of mother Earth, the elements, the Sun, Moon and stars, animals, plants and minerals. Aware of how much time and energy it takes to create something good and sustainable.

So I know it is possible to embargo chemical-loaded, unsustainable products and food, simply by choosing biodynamic, organic, and permaculture, but consuming less. Our drought ravaged country, and mineral depleted soil might, just might, recover for long enough to sustain a few more generations.


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