Literally meaning Life Force, this beautiful idea of working in sync with the Sun, Moon and Stars makes a lot more sense when you consider the life giving forces these celestial bodies have on our Earth.

The Sun rules all live. The Moon governs all liquids. And the Stars charge every thing with spirit, it's very own specific vibration we have come to more or less accept as our 'horoscope'.

According to Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Biodynamics and Anthroposophie, the spirit charge within our Human body lasts exactly 72 years, after which our spirit, enriched with whatever earthly experience, is ready to move onwards and upwards. 

So then our body starts to age. Depending on how we lived both spiritually and physically, our DNA, our frame of mind and state of health, this process can be gentle or brutal. We don't know how we'll age when we're young, don't we. We don't believe we will, even though we see our parents age and die. Because it is natural to be only ever alive on this Earth. 

The obsession with 'anti-aging', in our world of The Whole, does not care for the spirit. It is outside in rather than inside out, feeding vanity rather than nurturing grace, weakening the organs rather than strengthening the body.

We very much created our skincare for 'Living', not 'Anti-aging'. Our compositions support the body in carrying your spirit through Human life with grace, integrity and strength. 

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