STINGING NETTLE / The Ceramide Buillder

STINGING NETTLE / The Ceramide Buillder
As much as I love going barehanded, the only way to pick Stinging Nettles is with Christo’s wood chopping gloves.

After a gentle shade-drying cycle, we’ll extract the leaves, stems and roots into Demeter biodynamic olive oil with only the warmth of Sunlight over 6-9 months.

This slow and long method of whole pant extraction yields a well-rounded spectrum of this humble weed‘s healing properties. The low temperature helps to preserves heat sensitive Ursulic acid, one of the many skin preserving compounds found in stinging nettle, here to rejuvenate photo-aged skin, prevent elastin degradation, increase ceramide production and boost moisture retention.

What we don't use in our skincare, we use in teas or cooking. Mineral dense Nettle turns deliciously creamy with cooking, a superfood worth sneaking into your kid’s dinner — the teenager will never know what hit her Bolognese.

Find sun-infused Nettle extract in our reforming night serum ZEN MATCHA CASHMERE. Fresh Leo New Moon batch is up on our site now.

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