SHIITAKE / The 'Elixir Of Life'

SHIITAKE / The 'Elixir Of Life'

I love plant medicine that reaches us from ancient times, passed through the intuitive hands of a thousand healers. Administered to millions of people. Observed, tested and revered for millennia. Botanical knowledge is humankind's greatest, most important legacy – and mushrooms are the connective thread between everything in Nature, us included.

Intuitively, I was drawn to Shiitake – probably the worlds most researched mushroom, cultivated for over 2000 years in China and Japan, revered as the 'Elixir or Life', and the 'Perfumed Mushroom'. Shiitake has an alchemical affinity with our skin and cells, supports homeostasis of the body, strengthens the immune system and enlivens the blood.

When our friend and mushroom expert Cam gave us a big bag of freshly picked Australian grown Shiitake last year, I sun-dried them to increase their Vitamin D2 content and sun-infused the crushed caps and stems in biodynamic Olive oil for 6 months to yield a nutrient rich bioactive extract, fragrant with petrichor notes of earth, forest and air permeated with rain.

Sun-infused Shiitake oil extract has the highest Vitamin D content of any plant compound. Readily absorbed through the skin, Vitamin D regulates cell metabolism, stimulates formation of elastin and collagen, strengthens barrier function, protects against free radicals.

Oil extracted Kojic acid prevents collagen deterioration, improves the structure and quality of collagen, strengthens the skin’s barrier, and is a natural alternative to toxic chemical skin lighteners, like hydroquinone.

Mushrooms are the alchemists of Nature – their medicinal offerings will shift paradigms, if we allow it.

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