ORANGE / A Cellulite Busting Aphrodisiac

ORANGE / A Cellulite Busting Aphrodisiac

Fragrant and flavourful, our sweet Oranges appear on the trees in the cold of Winter in Kangaroo Valley – bringing warm brightness when it's freezing cold out here.

We peel every Orange by hand, eat or cook the fruit and gently air dry the skin. The dried peel and leaves are sun-infused in biodynamic Olive Oil for 6 months, during which we’ll change the the plant material twice, at least.

This long process yields a double strength Orange extract with a distinct yet subtle aroma, ready to unfold it’s full potency in LUXURIOUS BODY FIRMING OIL, together with Neroli (Bitter Orange Blossom) Essence.

Cosmetically, Orange stimulates lymphatic flow, diminishes cellulite, eliminates toxins, tightens pores, enhances collagen production, soothes irritated skin, repairs oxidative damage, smoothes complexion and softens dry skin.

Energetically, Orange is a ’happy’ relaxant, a natural chill pill that is as uplifting as it is calming. It naturally reduces the pulse rate, soothes anxiety, anger and frustration, enhances cognitive function and quality of sleep, and brings a sense of luxurious serenity without blurring the edges.

Maybe that’s what gives Neroli it’s reputation as a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido in both women and men — when used regularly, so get massaging…

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