ATMOSPHERIC SKINCARE / Rain walking for dewy skin

ATMOSPHERIC SKINCARE / Rain walking for dewy skin

Skin loves atmospheric humidity dialed up to high — the mistier, rainier, foggier the better.

Ideally we soak up this natural moisture in a forest — like the dripping jungle on our farm today, but I’m not minding a little city rain hydrating my face either.

Originating from evaporation and condensation, cooling rainwater is naturally soft and free of salts, increases micro circulation, hydrates, tightens and rapidly invigorates the skin.

Letting our face be washed by atmospheric water every now and then gives our skin a break from hard tap water, which I believe plays a major role in disrupting barrier function.

My rain walking mum never misses a wet outing to rejuvenate her skin — I’ve ‘snow wandered’ through a foggy Berlin with her recently, and it was the best jet-lag-dry-face remedy ever.

There’s a rule though: leave off the skincare and go bare faced. Creams, balms or oils will interfere with moisture absorption, it’s better to oil up afterwards to help your skin hold in all that beautiful plumping hydration.

LUMINOUS BEAUTY BALM is a fab moisture lock composition to preserve and maintain dewy glow.

With love from the rainy valley,

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