LEPAAR REVIEW / By @boy_into_beauty

LEPAAR REVIEW / By @boy_into_beauty

Every now and then you make a real connection on that strange thing that is instagram. Something tangible, tactile even. Chance meetings across continents entirely created by and held together by the power of words.

Actually, maybe not so unlike having a pen pal back in the day when us German kids living West waited for the wind to blow East to release letters attached to air balloons that drifted across to the kids living in East Germany. 3 weeks or so later, if we were lucky, a letter with a funny stamp came back, listing age, hobbies, dreams – drippy ink scrawled on strange smelling paper.

But I digress. Richard @boy_into_beauty caught our eye with his extravagant, pop art fun images and essay-style reviews that were not just about the products and brands but made you feel he's basically living in all their homes and knows the brand founders intimately, on a personal level. He gets us. Very special.

Here's what he said about us, first published on his instagram on August 11 2019:

So I’m hatching a cunning plan! to get Johanna and Christo (founders of @lepaar ) to adopt me 👶🏼 or at the very least take me on as a farm hand down at their place in kangaroo valley, Australia 👨🏻‍🌾 🏔.

The couple who live & work harmoniously with the land, letting Mother Nature guide them, fascinate me. Not only are they constantly teaching me new tricks about traditional wisdoms, spirituality & folk farming methods, but they bring a whole new dimension & depth to skincare.

I’m sure learning is one way to stay young & vital and through their posts these two naturally encourage this curiosity & wonder. Infact I picture us all, after a day picking & sun drying herbs or lemons from their yuzu tree, around a campfire chatting ethics & philosophy in the glow of the moon.

Ok ok maybe I’m getting a little carried away 😝 but as you know I have a vivid imagination. I’d better get to the products! which the couple kindly sent half way round the world for me to explore. I was immediately taken by the personal touch & detail involved! From the use of a vintage sewer, hand stitching recycled paper sleeves, to miron glass jars hand sealed with traditional Parisian wax, these details speak to the thought & care that goes into every element of this range.

The couple employ biodynamic farming methods which includes infusing unrefined cold pressed olive oil with the fruits, flowers & seeds etc from the farm, in the warmth of the sun, for anything up to a year to fully extract their whole goodness. Once extracted formulations are then blended (with 24k gold, frankincense & myrrh) at full or new moons again harnessing the Qi or energy of both. Mass market speedy skincare this is not! It’s actually more akin to premium wine making.

This won’t resonate with everyone I grant you, and that’s fine! but the love & respect for nature that the couple weave into all of their creations impressed me hugely, especially in this age of soulless mass consumption.

Unsurprisingly knowing what has gone into them means that using the products feels special. And yes most importantly skin also loves them.


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