FULL MOON SOIL FERTILISING / With Stinging Nettle + Seaweed

Kenji Yoshida ’La Vie’ (Life) 1995

As the full Moon rises, a flush of life forces stream towards Earth.

Under Full Moons, our planets water synergises with light, plants increase their metabolic activity, seeds germinate more readily, and soil is more open to absorb nutrients.

It’s a good time to fertilise with natural preparations, and we always have some cold fermented ‘brews‘ on the go to supercharge our garden.

My favourites are Seaweed for building a healthy soil food web and strengthening seedlings; and Nettle for Nitrogen and trace minerals. If I have, I’ll add Borage and Comfrey for potassium + phosphorus.

We soak the plants in spring water for 3 months, then dilute the concentrate 1:10 with water before sprinkling onto the garden.

I don’t plant anything under a full moon, because results can be unpredictable under that oscillating space between waxing and waning.

Check local regulations before collecting seaweed, and make sure to harvest from clean waters, far away from drains.
Kenji Yoshida ’La Vie’ (Life) 1995

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