Packaging has always been a challenge for us. That thing that is demanded but is thrown away, is expensive and often an environmental nightmare. The limitations around being ethical, environmental and presentable is what brings us to the packaging we have. Still not perfect but towards we ever flow.

Plastics have for a long time been known to cause havoc on Earth and animals alike. Australian so slow to even adhere to the notion, here we are creeping into reusable bags at supermarkets, plastic ones at that. In Germany, no shop has plastic bags, it's just known that you bring your own or their paper. Here we kick and scream because we forget. I understand it takes time to get used to but without a hard line to bounce against, as in having to buy a cotton bag (if only) when we forget, we won't change. 

As a company producing a product, it must become paramount that they don't use plastic packaging, there are options. With limitations come exceptional solutions.

sustainable skincare packaging

As a consumer trying to buy pasta, rice, bread,....without plastic packaging at the supermarket is impossible. Solution? Buy your bread at the local baker in a paper bag. Rice, pasta, etc at the local co-op, or bulk store. Keep the conversation alive around big companies and supermarkets stepping up.

I know we all like a pretty box/bag however in the interest of Earths and our well-being we can also start saying no to the pretty big bag presented to us with our small t-shirt, and no to the plastic bag at the corner store, even when we forget our reusable bag. Often I am get caught without a bag, but I fill my pockets, I have two arms, and with ingenuity manage to get the shopping home without a bag.

There's no excuse.

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