SERENITY EVENING BALM / A Circadian Cell Recharge

SERENITY EVENING BALM / A Circadian Cell Recharge

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Composed not just to soothe your skin, rejuvenate drawn faces, calm the skin, help fade the signs of aging and support our body's nocturnal detox-activities, but also to create a protective aura around us while we sleep, lay the mind to rest, comfort our heart space, help recharge our soul overnight and connect us to the spiritual being we are. So we may wake refreshed, restored and replenished to face the new dawn.


For women and men of all skin types. Benefits hyper-sensitive, rash/redness/acne prone, and toxin-overloaded skin. All ages.


Gently massage a very small amount all over your damp, clean face every night, using your ring fingers. Your ring fingers have the lightest touch of all your digits and won’t pull your skin. The composition is richly emollient and silky, absorbs quickly and will form an ever so light moisture retaining layer on your skin. We recommend using our oil for a few weeks exclusively to harness it’s potency and gently transition your skin into it’s new, natural and healthy state.



CALENDULA*/ Calendula Officinalis. Tasmania, Australia. Air-dried. Certified organic.

Slow sun-infusion gently extracts the potent compounds of this ancient herb and charges our base oil with strengthening, age-proofing and repairing properties. The world’s oldest known medicinal plant supports the skin’s natural regenerative activities and kick-starts all other ingredients into play. Calendula’s potent inner compounds flavonoids and carotenoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and calming, as well as soothing mucilages. Calendula extracted into oil supports the skin's regenerative activities and boost our largest organs’ natural defence: moisturises dry and cracked skin, soothes irritated, sensitive, inflammation-prone skin, repairs and rebalances unstable skin barriers, improves elasticity, restores vitality after elemental damage such as sun exposure, heals wounds and burns and bestows luminous, healthy glow.

Ancient history: Ancient Egyptians bathed in Calendula infusion for luminous glow and Calendula-infused butter was a popular salve used in wound healing and to treat burns.

VANILLA* / Vanilla planifolia. Daintree, Australia. Sun-cured. Certified organic.

The gentle, steady warmth of sun-infusion releases the rich fragrance, complex aroma and actively antioxidant Vanillin compounds into our base oil. Helps soothe sensitive skin, neutralise free radicals that cause premature aging. Stimulates formation of new tissue. Relaxes the mind. On an aromatic level, Vanilla ‘sweetens’ the somewhat bitter medicinal constituents of the Olive oil and adds a luxurious, grounding, sensually exotic quality to our formula.

Ancient history: The Totonac Indians first cultivated the beans for medicine, spiritual rituals, insect repellent and tributes to their Aztec conquerors, who used Vanilla to flavour and super-charge their aphrodisiac chocolate elixirs.

OLIVE OIL**/ Olea europaea. Victoria. Cold pressed. Extra Virgin. Certified Demeter Biodynamic.

The non-invasive, low temperatures of sun-infusion allow us to use extra virgin, antioxidant-rich and Vitamin E loaded Olive oil without destroying its heat sensitive vital nutrients. Antioxidant Polyphenols, phytosterols and Vitamin E protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and enhance skin cell regeneration, improving tone and elasticity. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage and prevents premature aging. Moisturises, softens and replenishes dry, mature skin, prevents and fades the appearance of stretch marks.

Ancient history: The ancient Greeks believed the olive tree was a gift from the goddess Athena and used olive oil in their religious ceremonies and beautifying rituals. Italian diva Sophia Loren credits daily bathing in Olive oil, also described as ‘liquid gold’ in Ancient Greek mythology, for her eternally luminous skin and age defying beauty.


BEESWAX* / Cera. Organic and wildcrafted. 100% Natural, unrefined, unbleached. unfiltered. Blue Mountains, Australia.

Truly one of nature’s finest and totally non-toxic wax from honey combs drawn by wild bees in Australia’s pristine Blue Mountains: Propolis-rich, organic, unbleached beeswax is purifying, anti-allergenic, antibacterial and rich in vitamin A important to aid cell regeneration. As a natural ‘humectant’ it actively attracts water molecules, helping to keep lips and skin well hydrated and lusciously plump.

Ancient history: “Pharmaceutical” use of beeswax dates back to ancient Egypt: as reported by the Ebers Papyrus (1550 B.C.), beeswax was the main ingredient in many recipes for the preparation of ointments. Doctors of ancient Rome used to apply a cream known as “cold cream”, which contained olive oil, beeswax and rose water for the treatment of burns, wounds, cuts, bruises. Beeswax was one of the components of the first cosmetic cream, which was created by Galen, the great Greek physician, in 150 B.C., composed of beeswax and olive oil, with emulsion of rose water.

CHAMOMILE*. Matricaria Recutita L. Sun-infused flowers. Certified Organic. Tasmania Australia

Thought to be one of the '9 sacred herbs', or the 'European counterpart to the Chinese tonic Ginseng', Chamomile is mildly sedatimg, muscle-relaxing and has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe tired, irritated and rashprone skin.

Ancient History: Hieroglyphic records also show that chamomile was used cosmetically for at least 2,000 years. Egyptian noblewomen used preparations of crushed petals on their skin, Roman and Greek alchemists prepared Chamomile tinctures for conjunctivitis, eye strain, or inflammation, and still today, Germans describe chamomile as "alles zutraut", meaning that it is capable of healing anything.

LAVENDER* Lavandula Angustifolia. Italy. Sun-infused flowers + Steam distilled. Certified Organic.

Thought to reduce anxiety and emotional stress, improves sleep, restores skin complexion and reduce acne, loaded with antioxodants that slow down aging, alleviates headache, helps improve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Ancient history:One of the most popular medicinal herbs since ancient times, its name is derived from the Latin lavare, meaning to wash. The Greeks and Romans were fond of it in their bath water. Lavender flowers have long since been used to treat digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness. Until World War I, lavender was used to treat and disinfect wounds. A study conducted at the University of Leicester in England showed that the use of lavender essential oil is just as effective in promoting sound sleep as traditional medication.

CAUTION: Lavender contains limonene which can cause photosensitivity, so stay out of the sun when using this, only use at night time.

ST JOHNS WORT. Hypericum Perforatum. Snowy Mountains, Australia. Suninfused. Wildcrafted.

The active component hypericin increases capillary blood flow and inhibits the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain, thusincreasing theta waves in the brain which may effectually improve perception and clarify thinking processes properties. Rich in Flavonoids, procyanidins, pseudohypericins and tannins which can help speed the healing of wounds, rashes and sores, prevent breakdown of collagen, provide elemental protection and reduce the appreance of lines and wrinkles.

Ancient history:Early Christian mystics named the plant after John the Baptist and it is traditionally collected on St. John’s Day, June 24, and is soaked in olive oil for days to produce a blood red anointing oil known as the ‘blood of Christ’. It was believed to have magical powers to protect one from evil, was tradinitionally burnt to banish negativity, picked and hung on the bedroom wall to give dreams of a future husband/wife, carried on the body to help with problems of willpower and indecision, hung around the neck to prevent fevers. The plant has a 2,400-year history of safe and effective usage and has been used as a herbal remedy since the Middle Ages in many folk and herbal remedies.

MILK THISTLE SEED OIL* Silybum Marianum. USA.Cold pressed. Certified Organic.

Can help prevent the development of varicose veins. Helps to prevent the appearance of cellulite and encourage cell repair. The oils unique component silymarin can help skin recover from sun exposure and oxidative stress.

Ancient history: Legend has it that Virgin Mary’s milk dropped onto the plant’s leaves.

DESERT DATE SEED OIL* (Dattier du Desert ) / Balanites aegyptiaca. Egypt. Certified Organic. Cold Pressed. 

Desert Date Oil is easily absorbed, improves skin elasticity and tone, leaves skin lluminous, hydrated, and silky soft, is non-comedogenic, very rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, may help in healing scars and alleviating skin irritated by acne, sunburn and rashes. The oils has excellent anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and is truly one of the ancient treasures.

Ancient history: 'Dattier du Desert Oil' was one of earliest beauty oils of the Middle East and East Afrika. Adored by Egyptian royalty to protect and replenish skin parched by the sun and winds of the desert and valued for its ability to heal cuts, fade scarring, improve skin tone and restore youthful skin. It's rare and precious nature made it a popular oil for annointing the skin of kings, queens and pharaos. 

EVENING PRIMROSE SEED OIL* Oenothera biennis. Australia. Certified Organic. Cold Pressed.

The flower awakens to the darkness and remains open through the night, scenting night gardens with it's tranquility-instilling fragrance.The seeds oil contains essential fatty acids gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) an essential fatty acid that the body does not manufacture, and linoleic acid (LA). Both GLA and LA are said to aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation and has been used in German folk remedies to stimulate cell generation, liver detocification, and infuse the skin with new radiance overnight. Medicinally, it is often used in treating forms of dermatitis (i.e. eczema), breast pain resulting from PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstrual cramps, hot flushes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Ancient history: The evening or tree primrose is said to have originated in Mexico and Central America some 70,000 years ago and was a staple food for many Native American tribes who ate the boiled, nutty-flavoured root, and used leaf poultices from the plant for bruises. The seed spread on ships and European settlers took the root back to England and Germany, where it is romantically called 'nachtkerze' or night candle, because it flowers at night time with bright yellow flowers that glow like candles. Folklore tells that evening primrose counters the effects of drinking too much wine.

BLACK SESAME SEED OIL* Sesamum Indicum. Cold-pressed. Certified Organic. India.

Believed to protect delicate skin from elemental exposure and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. Rich in flavonoid, phenolic antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and vitamins, Black sesame seed oil is neither cold not hot in nature and can help through blurred vision and tired, dry eyes.

Ancient history: There are many Chinese stories of how consuming black sesame seeds can bring about longevity and beauty even at an old age. In Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine, it is used to cleanse the blood, clear liver stagnation and improve circulation.

SPIKENARD* Nardostachys jatamansia. Nepal. Steam Distilled. Certified organic.

Spikenard grows in the Himalayas at altitudes of about 10,000 feet. Strongly antifunfal, antibacterial, highly anti-inflammatory and mildly sedative, it eases itching, alleviates dry patches, stops bacterial growth on the skin, stimulates cell generation, soothes conditions like ermatitis, psoriasis and infections, acts as a natural coolant, calms the mind, helps with insomnia and promotes restful sleep. A natural hypotensive, it lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system and blood circulation.

Ancient history:Also called nard, nardin and muskroot, Spikenard was revered as one of the most precious oils in ancient times, and was popular in perfume, medicine and in religious ceremonies from India to Europe. according to the bible, Mary of Bethany spent a year’s worth of wages to buy Spikenard oil to anoint Jesus’ feet before the Last Supper.

SAFFRON* Crocus sativus. Sun-infused Threads. Certified organic. Australia.

Saffron's chemistry expresses otherworldly complexity. It contains over 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds – a biochemical symphony. Saffron can help increase oxygen flow important for vital skin tissue and healthy disease-resistant cells. Contains antioxidant carotenoids crocin and crocetin, which have strong antioxidative, cellular and neuro-protective properties that are believed to help with aging eyes, and there are studies suggesting regular use of saffron may help restore structure and function of retinal cells, and reverse age-related macular degeneration:(

Ancient history: 50,000 year old frescoes of prehistoric places in northwest Iran contained saffron-based pigment. The worlds most expensive spice's medicinal uses ranged from treating eye problems to genitourinary diseases in many ancient cultures.


FRANKINCENSE Boswellia Frereana*. Boswellia Sacra 'Royal Horaji'. Sun-infused Resin. Steam Distilled Essence. Certified Organic. Somalia/Oman

We use a lovingly prepared signature blend of sun-infiused fragrant resin tears that have been hand-harvested, and the resin's steam distilled essentenes to gain a rounded spectrum of skin and psycho-active benefits. High levels of boswellic acid in Omani Frankincense Sacra resin, regarded as the world’s rarest essence, tone and firm the skin, restore elasticity and repair elemental damage. Frankincense Carteri is high in alpha pinene and other monoterpenes, making it a great immune support and boswellic acid helps stimulate cell repair, fade lines and reduce wrinkles. Frankincense Frereana is high in chemical compounds pinene, thujene and cymene, powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties that help soothe skin inflammation. Frankincense generally Improves blood circulation, prevents collagen degradation and reduces stretch marks. Energetically, Frankincense (specifically the psycho-active compounds incensole acetate in Frankincense Sacra) realigns our self, comforts the soul, enhances mental functions and lifts anxiety.

Ancient history:Frankincense was presented to newborn Jesus by the wise men for a harmonious soul life. Ancient Egyptians used charcoaled Frankincense resin eyeliner to protect the soul within. It also served as incense and insect repellent.

Avoid in pregnancy and breast feeding.

MYRRH* Commiphora Myrrha. Commiphora Wildii (Omumbiri/Namibian Myrrh). Sun-infused Resin. Steam Distilled Essence. Certified Organic. Somali / Namibia.

Helps with activating the immune system, stimulating cell generation, protecting skin from the elements, fading dark spots. Energetically, Myrrh aids meditation, helps purifies and lifts the spirit, calms tension, cleanses the mind and opens the passage of consciousness into a higher world.

Ancient history: Myrrh was presented to newborn Jesus by the wise men to enhance spiritual development. Ancient Arabian soldiers carried Myrrh resin into the battlefield for speedy wound healing, while  their kings used it’s oil for rejuvenating facial treatments.

24 KARAT GOLD^ / Aurum. Sun-infused, hand-prepared concentrate. Non-Nano. Certified cosmetic. Germany

Helps with improving circulation, stimulating elastin production, slowing down collagen depletion, stimulating cell generation. Energetically, Gold holds the vibration of the sun, radiates warmth, grounds our intentions, anchors our self and opens the heart chakra. Our purified, certified cosmetic grade 24 karat Gold comes from the world’s only certified cosmetic Gold supplier, an established, family-owned company in Germany.

Ancient history: Gold was presented to newborn Jesus by the wise men to connect the physical body to earth, sun, moon and stars. Back when Cleopatra slept in a gold mask to renew her skin, the alchemists of Ancient Egypt prepared elixirs of gold to invigorate the body, stimulate digestion and cure diseases.

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