PRECIOUS FACE OIL / Composition profile

PRECIOUS FACE OIL / Composition profile

Our ultra-precious hero composition: A deeply nourishing daily face elixir, created with sun-infused biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted active botanicals. Mindfully chosen for their regenerating, bio-rhythm-harnessing, energising, balancing and harmonising properties. Amplified with our signature Sacred Trinity blend of 24 karat Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. 


Interestingly, combinations of various antioxidants have been found to have synergistic effects, creating formulations that are more powerful and beneficial than individual compounds used alone. Which is why we us whole plant extracts, orchestrating a broad spectrum of anti-oxidants and nutrients to create deeply complex compositions with wholesome performance so that our skin may be balanced, healthy and radiant at all stages of our lives.

The below list is for education purpose only. 

Stimulates new cell growth.
Guards against free radical damage.
Maintains moisture balance and elasticity.
The non-invasive, low temperatures of sun-infusion allow us to use extra virgin, antioxidant-rich and Vitamin E loaded Olive oil without destroying its heat sensitive vital nutrients. High levels of naturaly emollient Squalene provide a natural UV barrier and SPF booster, prevent transdermal water loss, reduce redness and calm irritation. Antioxidant Polyphenols, phytosterols and Vitamin E protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and enhance skin cell regeneration, improving tone and elasticity. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in Olive oil combats free radical damage and prevents photo aging.

Prevents UV induced damage.
Boosts the skin's natural biological defence.
Activates wound healing and collagen production.
The world’s oldest known medicinal plant supports the skin’s natural regenerative activities and kick-starts all other ingredients into play. It's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds Apigenin, Quercetin, Rutin and naturally occurring Provitamin A Carotenoids has shown to absorb free radicals, protect from of UV damage, deflect environmental stressors, rebalance unstable skin barriers, moisturise element beaten skin, improve elasticity, and boost our largest organ's natural defence.

Neutralises free radicals.
Stimulates cell regeneration
Protects from environmental stressors
Helps soothe sensitive skin and neutralise free radicals that cause premature aging and stimulates formation of new tissue. 

Brightens complexion and balances pigmentation
Natural exfoliant.
Moisture retaining.
Quickly penetrates and has remarkable water retaining properties that help keeping your skin moisturised. Contains the unique exfoliating enzyme papain that actively removes dead cells from the surface, helps detox skin overloaded with chemicals, assists in brightening the skin, fading age and sun spots, evens skin tone and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Revitalises mature skin.
Natural hormone balancer.
Inhibits elastin degradation.
Deeply penetrates, hydrates and revitalise mature, dull, dry skin. High in Ellagic acid, which helps keep our skin firm and elastic, smooth and even-toned, prevent collagen destruction and inhibit inflammation. Punicic Acid, an Omega 5 fatty acid, helps reduce inflammation caused by skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Stimulates cell regeneration.
Soothes irritated, hyper sensitive, dry skin skin.
Reverses UV damage.
Because one can never have enough Carotenoids when in comes to skin love, my favourite German borne and made fruit Oil makes a supportive appearance in this compositions to bring our the healthiest glow! It's the only plant source that contains omega 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega 7 fatty acid, an excellent tissue healer which helps soothe the skin, stimulates cell repair and cell generation. Superoxide dismutase-rich, an enzyme, that fights free radical damage and provides superior elemental protection. H
igh content of carotenoids make an excellent remedy for skin burns.

Maintains hydration.
Supports immune function.
Controls acne and breakouts.
A rare 1:1 ratio of alpha linolenic acids Omega 6 and Omega 3, known for their ability to moisturise and regenerate skin cells. Effective in softening the skin and protecting and securing it against transdermal water loss. Supports healthy immune function and gives, together with the fruit oil, a wholesome, powerfully effective expression of this ancient medicinal plant.

Protects from oxidative damage.
Boosts collagen production.
Provides natural SPF
Extremely high in phytosterols which help prevent skin damage and encourage collagen production. A Canadian study in 2000 found that the natural UVA and UVB protection afforded by raspberry seed oil is reportedly similar to titanium dioxide with an SPF protection factor against UVB rays of 28-50, and an SPF protection factor against UVA rays of around 8. (

Protects from oxidative damage.
Boosts collagen production.
Provides natural SPF
This dark green/bluish powerhouse packs a super antioxidant punch: Phytochemicals help fight free radicals. Omega 3 fatty acids help diminish wrinkles. Tocotrienols, protect against free radical damage. It harmonises with raspberry seed oil to bring these summer fruit's natural element defence to your skin.

Stimulates the endocrine and lymphatic system to 
Cell-renewing, hormone balancing.
Supports the free flow of qi, the life energy,

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the Light Root, also called Light Yam, Chinese Yam, Dioscorea batatas, is highly regarded for it's immune-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, cell-renewing, bone-strengthening and hormone-balancing properties. It stimulates the endocrine system which regulates metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, and strengthens the lymphatic system, which manage the body's fluid levels and detox processes and immune responses. 

Apart from proteins, amino acids, vitamins and vital trace elements, Light root contains diosgenin, a plant hormone similar to the hormones involved in the female cycle, that positively influences menopause.

But the most special thing about the Light Yam is it's ability to store light ether, or light energy, in it's enormously long root. Light ether supports the free flow of qi, the life energy, increases awareness and elevates concentration. Light energy strengthens the sense of self and the 'uprightness', counters gravity and immobility, and inspires our creative forces so we may bridge the daily gap head and heart, and go about our chosen path with confidence, comfort and filled with joy.

The Light Root is believed to hold the highest amount of Light Ether of all plants. One of the four ethers that make up the formative forces (Earth, Water, Air, Fire), light works through the element of air, weaves into our etheric 'light' body', and subtly strengthens our perception and awareness of our inner light. Our Light root is grown Johanna's family friend's certified Demeter Biodynamic farm in the South of Germany.

Helps increase oxygen flow.

Neuro-protective properties.
Strong anti-oxidative properties.
Saffron’s chemistry truly is of otherworldly complexity, and features in all our compositions as part of our luxurious Sacred Trinity Philtre. The world’s most expensive, most charismatic spice contains over 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds - a biochemical symphony with epic skin-supportive properties. Saffron can help increase oxygen flow important for vital skin tissue and healthy disease-resistant cells. It contains antioxidant carotenoids crocin and crocetin, which have strong antioxidative, cellular and neuro-protective properties.

Rejuvenates skin.
Fades pigmentation.
Facilitates speedy wound healing.
An essential ingredient in our Harmonising Sacred Trinity, that charges all our compositions. We use sun-infused extract of sustainably harvested, fragrant resin tears, plus the resin’s steam distilled essence, to gain a rounded spectrum of biological benefits from this ancient of ancient natural compounds. One of the oldest skin rejuvenators and wound healers around, Myrrh helps activate the immune system, stimulate cell generation, protect skin from the elements and fade dark spots. Energetically, Myrrh aids meditation, helps purifies and lifts the spirit, calms tension, cleanses the mind and opens the passage of consciousness into a higher world

Comforts the soul, lifts anxiety.
Astringents tone and firm.
Stimulates cell repair and balances pigmentation.
An essential ingredient in our Harmonising Sacred Trinity, that charges all our compositions. We use sun-infused extract of sustainably harvested, fragrant resin tears, plus the resin’s steam distilled essence, to gain a rounded spectrum of biological benefits from this ancient of ancient natural compounds. High levels of boswellic acid in Omani Frankincense Sacra resin, regarded as the world’s rarest essence, tone and firm the skin, restore elasticity and repair elemental damage. Frankincense Carteri is high in alpha pinene and other monoterpenes, making it a great immune support and boswellic acid helps stimulate cell repair, fade lines and reduce wrinkles. Frankincense Frereana is high in chemical compounds pinene, thujene and cymene, powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties that help soothe skin inflammation. Frankincense generally Improves blood circulation, prevents collagen degradation and reduces stretch marks. Energetically, Frankincense realigns our self, comforts the soul, enhances mental functions and lifts anxiety

Receives sun energy and grounds intentions
Improves circulation.

Boosts collagen integrity.
An essential ingredient in our Harmonising Sacred Trinity, that charges all our compositions. We make our own potentiated, sun-infused non Nano Gold concentrate, rhythmically activated to energise the metal. Helps cell proliferation and stimulates elastin production, thus slowing down collagen depletion. Energetically, Gold holds the vibration of the sun, radiates warmth, grounds our intentions, anchors our self and opens the heart chakra. Our Gold is Non-Nano, and comes from a certified cosmetic supplier in Germany.


A high performance multi-purpose face oil that bestows radiant glow, abundant vitality, stimulates cell renewal, boosts elasticity, halts collagen depletion deeply hydrates and inspires graceful aging like no other. Energetically, this gold-charged daytime elixir harmonises our spirit, centres our self and balances our whole being.


For women and men of all skin types. All ages. Harmonises and balances normal, oily and dry skin. Benefits mature, dull, pigmented, irritated, element-beaten, hyper-sensitive, toxin-overloaded skin.


Massage a small amount into still damp, clean skin every morning, using your ring fingers starting from the eyes. Your ring fingers have the lightest touch of all your digits and won’t pull your skin. Layer under PRECIOUS FACE BALM  or LUMINOUS BEAUTY BALM for extra moisture and nutrient lock-in. We recommend using our compositions for a few weeks exclusively to harness it’s potency and gently transition your skin into it’s new, natural and healthy state.


An unlike any other spectrum of warm summer evening, resplendent with ripe fruit and sun-filled exotic blossoms, interwoven with sensual vanilla and deeply grounding earth and resin. It all comes together on the skin, develops its precious complexity for an 'AAAH' moment, before gently releasing us into our newly balanced state of being.


CALENDULA* / Calendula Officinalis. Sun-infused flower extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Tasmania, Australia.  
VANILLA* / Vanilla planifolia. Sun-infused pod extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Daintree, Australia. 
OLIVE OIL**/ Olea europaea. Victoria, Australia. Cold pressed. Extra virgin. Certified Demeter biodynamic.

PAPAYA SEED OIL* / Carica papaya. Cold pressed seed oil. Unrefined. Certified Organic. Non-GMO (Rare!). India. 
POMEGRANATE SEED OIL*/ Punica granatum. Cold pressed seed oil. Extra Virgin. Certified Organic. Israel. 
SEABUCKTHORN FRUIT OIL* / Hippophae Rhamnoids. Cold pressed fruit oil Unrefined. Certified Organic. Northern Germany. 
SEABUCKTHORN SEED OIL* / Hippophae Rhamnoids. Cold pressed seed oil. Unrefined. Certified Organic. Northern Germany. 
RASPBERRY SEED OIL*/ Rubus idaeus. Cold pressed seed oil. Unrefined. Certified organic. USA 
BLUEBERRY SEED OIL* / Vaccinium Corymbosum. USA/UK. Cold pressed. Unrefined. Organic. USA 
SAFFRON* / Crocus Sativus. Sun-infused stymen extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Certified organic. Australia.

FRANKINCENSE FREREANA*/ Boswellia Frereana*. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Somalia 
WHITE 'ROYAL HORAJI' FRANKINCENSE / Boswellia Sacra^ Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Oman 
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII^ / Boswellia Carterii. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted. Somalia. 
MYRRH*/ Commiphora Myrrha. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Certified organic. Somalia 
‘OMUMBIRI’ NAMIBIAN MYRRH^ / Commiphora Wildii. Sun-infused resin extract in certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil. Steam distilled essential oil. Wildcrafted. Namibia. 
24 KARAT GOLD"/ Aurum. Certified Cosmetic Grade. Non-Nano Germany.

WARNING - The safety of this product has not been determined.

*Organic/certified organic/Non-GMO **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted/chemical-free/Non-GMO "Non-nano/certified cosmetic.


Presented in patented UVA light filtering glass bottles with gold foil printed recycled paper label. Stitched into hand-embossed black linen paper sleeves. Following ancient apothecary tradition, our bottles are purified with Myrrh + Frankincense smoke prior to filling to boost longevity of the composition and to bestow genius of spirit. 

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