An illuminating, gently medicinal, sun-infused composition of 19 certified biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted botanicals, mindfully selected for their emollient, nourishing, calming, age-proofing, sebum-balancing, glow-inducing, wrinkle-erasing and anti-inflammatory properties.


A softly fragrant, medicinal face balm, composed not just to revitalise dull complexion, rejuvenate mature skin, balance sebum and calm and protect irritated, sensitive faces, but also to open the heart chakra, soothe nervous tension and connect us to the spiritual being we are.


Best during day time. Gently push your finger into the balm, warm a small amount between your fingertips and gently massage into damp face after cleansing and toning. Because we don't use fillers like shea butter which contains allergy-causing latex, cocoa butter or coconut oil which cause contact dermatitis, our balms can initially be quite firm due to the natural structure of Beeswax. It warms quickly upon contact with your skin. Just gently warm with your fingers and smooth over your skin, inhaling the medicinal fragrances of the composition, released by the touch of your very own 'alive' warmth. We recommend using our oil for a few weeks exclusively to harness it’s potency and gently transition your skin into it’s new, natural and healthy state.


For women and men of all skin types. Especially benefits mature, sensitive, imbalanced skin. All ages, including hormone-challenged teenage skin (I use it on my daughter's 13 year old skin when she breaks out).


Soft honey with a Summer meadow herbaceous note and resinous, earthy undertones. A hint of soothing Chamomile dancing with complex Rose, accentuated by grounding Vanilla, heavenly Saffron and vibrant, I-can't-describe-this-but-I-know-it Seabuckthorn, weighted with spicy Cumin and Carrot, lifted with luminous, smokey tones of Frankincense and Myrrh. While the Prickly Pear does have a very distinctive Vanilla/Smokey wood nose so characteristic of top quality Cactus oils, it does not carry through in the formula. Same with the Raspberry, it has a very familiar Raspberry scent to it, but it in the composition it strengthens the Rose, which is from the same botanical family.



Calendula Officinalis. Sun-infused flowers. Certified Organic. Tasmania Australia

Slow sun-infusion gently extracts the potent compounds of this ancient herb and charges our base oil with strengthening, age-proofing and repairing properties. The world’s oldest known medicinal plant supports the skin’s natural regenerative activities and kick-starts all other ingredients into play. Calendula’s potent inner compounds flavonoids and carotenoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and calming, as well as soothing mucilages. Calendula extracted into oil supports the skin's regenerative activities and boost our largest organs’ natural defence: moisturises dry and cracked skin, soothes irritated, sensitive, inflammation-prone skin, repairs and rebalances unstable skin barriers, improves elasticity, restores vitality after elemental damage such as sun exposure, heals wounds and burns and bestows luminous, healthy glow.

Ancient History: Ancient Egyptians bathed in Calendula infusion for luminous glow and Calendula-infused butter was a popular salve used in wound healing and to treat burns.



Vanilla planifolia. Sun-infused pods. Certified Organic. Daintree Australia

The gentle, steady warmth of sun-infusion releases the rich fragrance, complex aroma and actively antioxidant Vanillin compounds into our base oil. Helps soothe sensitive skin, neutralise free radicals that cause premature aging. Stimulates formation of new tissue. Relaxes the mind. On an aromatic level, Vanilla ‘sweetens’ the somewhat bitter medicinal constituents of the Olive oil and adds a luxurious, grounding, sensually exotic quality to our formula.

Ancient History: The Totonac Indians first cultivated the beans for medicine, spiritual rituals, insect repellent and tributes to their Aztec conquerors, who used Vanilla to flavour and super-charge their aphrodisiac chocolate elixirs.



Olea europaea. Cold pressed. Certified Demeter Biodynamic. Victoria Australia

The non-invasive, low temperatures of sun-infusion allow us to use extra virgin, antioxidant-rich Olive oil without destroying its heat sensitive vital nutrients. Antioxidant Polyphenols protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and enhance skin cell regeneration, improving tone and elasticity. Moisturises, softens and replenishes dry, mature skin, prevents and fades the appearance of stretch marks.

Ancient History: The ancient Greeks believed the olive tree was a gift from the goddess Athena and used olive oil in their religious ceremonies and beautifying rituals. Italian diva Sophia Loren credits daily bathing in Olive oil, also described as ‘liquid gold’ in Ancient Greek mythology, for her eternally luminous skin and age defying beauty.



Organic and wildcrafted. 100% Natural, unrefined, unbleached. unfiltered. Blue Mountains, Australia. 

Truly one of nature’s finest and totally non-toxic wax from honey combs drawn by wild bees in Australia’s pristine Blue Mountains: Propolis-rich, organic, unbleached beeswax is purifying, anti-allergenic, antibacterial and rich in vitamin A important to aid cell regeneration. As a natural ‘humectant’ it actively attracts water molecules, helping to keep lips and skin well hydrated and lusciously plump.

Ancient History: “Pharmaceutical” use of beeswax dates back to ancient Egypt: as reported by the Ebers Papyrus (1550 B.C.), beeswax was the main ingredient in many recipes for the preparation of ointments. Doctors of ancient Rome used to apply a cream known as “cold cream”, which contained olive oil, beeswax and rose water for the treatment of burns, wounds, cuts, bruises. Beeswax was one of the components of the first cosmetic cream, which was created by Galen, the great Greek physician, in 150 B.C., composed of beeswax and olive oil, with emulsion of rose water.



Morocco. Cold pressed. Certified Organic.

Prickly Pear contains the highest levels of Betalains of any known plant, super antioxidants with powerful anti-aging effects. Reduces redness and hyper-pigmentation. Prickly Pear Oil has an extensive Vitamin E content, a free radical scavenger for increases cell renewal. The high fatty acid content plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles and adding firmness, as well as intercepting free radical damage.

Ancient History: Also known as Indian fig opuntia, barbary fig, cactus pear and spineless cactus, the prickly pear is thought to possibly be native to Mexico, but has also long-standing history in Arabia and the mediterranean. The Aztecs extracted the milky juice from the plant and mixed it with honey and egg yolk to provide an ointment to treat burns and wounds. In Mexican traditional medicine, prickly pear is used for the treatment of diabetes and high cholesterol, and, of course, to brew 'Colonche', a fizzy, natural-fermented, bright red alcoholic drink. The Chinese dressed abscesses with the fleshy pad of the plant. The American Indians made syrup from the fruit and seeds to treat cough and asthma. 



Hippophae Rhamnoids. Cold pressed. Certified Organic. Germany.

The only plant source that contains omega 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega 7 fatty acid which helps soothe the skin, stimulate cell repair and cell generation and restore youthful glow. Superoxide dismutase-rich, an enzyme, that fights free radical damage and provide superior elemental protection.

Ancient History: Genghis Khan used Seabuckthorn elixir to supercharge his army and chinese, tibetan and mongolian women have long been using the berry both internally and externally in their glow-inducing beauty rituals.



Rubus idaeus. Cold pressed. Certified Organic. USA

Super high in phytosterols which help prevent skin damage and encourage collagen production. A Canadian study in 2000 found that the natural UVA and UVB protection afforded by raspberry seed oil is reportedly similar to titanium dioxide with an SPF protection factor against UVB rays of 28-50, and an SPF protection factor against UVA rays of around 8.

Ancient History: In Hellenistic Troy, Ida, nurse to the infant Zeus, pricked her finger while picking the white berries, staining them red for all eternity. The red Raspberry was used in Ancinet Greek, Indian Chinese and Native American medicine to heal wounds and treat skin conditions.



Vaccinium Corymbosum. Cold pressed. Wildcrafted. USA

Exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties of it’s main chemical compounds crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone are effective with eczema, psoriasis and wound healing. High in essential fatty acid, great for mature skin.

Ancient History: The personal doctors of the pharaohs always had a bowl of Black Seeds handy, to use as a digestive aid after extensive dinners and as an effective medicine for colds, headaches and skin diseases. In the grave of the pharaoh Tutankhamun archaeologists found a bottle of this ancient medicine-in preparation for life after death. Many health experts claim that it is a true panacea; able to help cure everything from allergies to hypertension.



Steam distilled. Wildcrafted, France.

High in antiseptic properties. It benefits skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scars and acne, improves skin tone and elasticity, rejuvenates dry and mature skin. Claimed to have a naturally high SPF and helps with elemental protection.

Ancient history: The Ancient Romans and Greeks used Carrot Seed Oil for treating a variety of skin disorders.



Bulgaria. Steam distilled. Certified Organic.

Amazing on broken capillaries, wrinkles, eczema, herpes, mature, dry and sensitive skin. Similar to beeswax, it’s a natural humectant, drawing moisture to itself and locking it within the skin for deep, day-long hydration. Purifies skin by pulling toxins out of its outer layers. It’s unique combination of antioxidants like citronellol and geraniol, the pure rose oil helps diminish signs of aging and fights free radical damage. Enhances the skin’s natural  glow and radiance and helps with superficial broken capillaries and scars, as well as eczema and rosacea.The Bulgarian Rose Damascena is only cultivated and harvested in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak (also known as the “Bulgarian Rose Valley”).

Ancient history: Since Ancient times, Damask rose is considered the most precious essence in the world, used by pretty much every queen, princess and priestess in history to rejuvenate skin and chase eternal youth.

SpIritually, much like the lotus flower revered in the East, the Rose has been valued in Western esotheric and alternative healing practices and aroma therapies for it's high vibrational frequency. Rose essential oil has the highest frequency of all essences and is, in Anthroposophic medicine for balancing the spirit, instil self love, gratitude and heal the heart space. It's frequency is 320MHZ (as a comparison, Frankincense is147MHz, Myrrh is 105MHz, and the human brain vibrates at 79-90MHz).



Egypt. Steam Distilled. Certified Organic.

One of the most beneficial anti-inflammatory essences. Excellent for rosacea and sensitive skin. high content of anti-inflammatory, skin healing Azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile, which has a deep, Indigo-like blue color.

Ancient history: Chamomile was known as a powerful medicinal plant in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Throughout the Middle Ages used it as a remedy for asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children's ailments, skin diseases and cancer.



Crocus sativus. Sun-infused Threads. Certified organic. Australia

Saffron's chemistry expresses otherworldly complexity. It contains over 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds – a biochemical symphony. Saffron can help increase oxygen flow important for vital skin tissue and healthy disease-resistant cells. Contains antioxidant carotenoids crocin and crocetin, which have strong antioxidative, cellular and neuro-protective properties that are believed to help with aging eyes, and there are studies suggesting regular use of saffron may help restore structure and function of retinal cells, and reverse age-related macular degeneration:(

Ancient History:50,000 year old frescoes of prehistoric places in northwest Iran contained saffron-based pigment. The worlds most expensive spice's medicinal uses ranged from treating eye problems to genitourinary diseases in many ancient cultures. 






Boswellia Frereana*. Sun-infused Resin. Steam Distilled Essence. Certified Organic. Somalia

Boswellia Sacra 'Royal Horaji'. Sun-infused White Resin. Steam Distilled Essence. Oman. Certified  Organic. Somalia

Boswellia Carterii. Steam Distilled. Wildcrafted. Somalia

We use a lovingly prepared signature blend of sun-infiused fragrant resin tears that have been hand-harvested, and the resin's steam distilled essentenes to gain a rounded spectrum of skin and psycho-active benefits. High levels of boswellic acid in Omani Frankincense Sacra resin, regarded as the world’s rarest essence, tone and firm the skin, restore elasticity and repair elemental damage. Frankincense Carteri is high in alpha pinene and other monoterpenes, making it a great immune support and boswellic acid helps stimulate cell repair, fade lines and reduce wrinkles. Frankincense Frereana is high in chemical compounds pinene, thujene and cymene, powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties that help soothe skin inflammation. Frankincense generally Improves blood circulation, prevents collagen degradation and reduces stretch marks. Energetically, Frankincense (specifically the psycho-active compounds incensole acetate in Frankincense Sacra) realigns our self, comforts the soul, enhances mental functions and lifts anxiety.

Ancient History:Frankincense was presented to newborn Jesus by the wise men for a harmonious soul life. Ancient Egyptians used charcoaled Frankincense resin eyeliner to protect the soul within. It also served as incense and insect repellent.

Avoid in pregnancy and breast feeding.



Commiphora Myrrha. Sun-infused Resin. Steam Distilled Essence. Certified Organic. Somalia

Commiphora Wildii (Omumbiri/Namibian Myrrh). Sun-infused Resin. Steam Distilled Essence. Certified Organic. Namibia

Helps with activating the immune system, stimulating cell generation, protecting skin from the elements, fading dark spots. Energetically, Myrrh aids meditation, helps purifies and lifts the spirit, calms tension, cleanses the mind and opens the passage of consciousness into a higher world.

Ancient History: Myrrh was presented to newborn Jesus by the wise men to enhance spiritual development. Ancient Arabian soldiers carried Myrrh resin into the battlefield for speedy wound healing, while  their kings used it’s oil for rejuvenating facial treatments.

Avoid in pregnancy and breast feeding.


24 KARAT GOLD^ / Aurum.

Sun-infused, hand-prepared concentrate. Non-Nano. Certified cosmetic. Germany

Helps with improving circulation, stimulating elastin production, slowing down collagen depletion, stimulating cell generation. Energetically, Gold holds the vibration of the sun, radiates warmth, grounds our intentions, anchors our self and opens the heart chakra. Our purified, certified cosmetic grade 24 karat Gold comes from the world’s only certified cosmetic Gold supplier, an established, family-owned company in Germany.

 Ancient History: Gold was presented to newborn Jesus by the wise men to connect the physical body to earth, sun, moon and stars. Back when Cleopatra slept in a gold mask to renew her skin, the alchemists of Ancient Egypt prepared elixirs of gold to invigorate the body, stimulate digestion and cure diseases.


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