ELEMENTAL DAY SILK / Ingredients Profile

ELEMENTAL DAY SILK / Ingredients Profile

LEPAAR / Elemental Day Silk


Interestingly, combinations of various antioxidants have been found to have synergistic effects, creating formulations that are more powerful and beneficial than individual compounds used alone. Which is why we us whole plant extracts, orchestrating a broad spectrum of anti-oxidants and nutrients to create deeply complex compositions with wholesome performance so that our skin may be balanced, healthy and radiant at all stages of our lives. 



A next level, ultra silky, 100% oil based daily moisturiser that works with the Sun, not against it. Fortified with 12% non-nano, uncoated mineral Zinc.

Sun-infused with hand-crafted botanical extracts, cold-pressed seed oils and steam distilled essential oils, mindfully chosen for their intensely renewing, protecting and hydrating properties, as well as their powerful antioxidant, free radical neutralising, UVA/UVB absorbing capabilities.

Stimulates new cell growth.
Guards against free radical damage.
Maintains moisture balance and elasticity.
The non-invasive, low temperatures of sun-infusion allow us to use extra virgin, antioxidant-rich and Vitamin E loaded Olive oil without destroying its heat sensitive vital nutrients. High levels of naturaly emollient Squalene provide a natural UV barrier and SPF booster, prevent transdermal water loss, reduce redness and calm irritation. Antioxidant Polyphenols, phytosterols and Vitamin E protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and enhance skin cell regeneration, improving tone and elasticity. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in Olive oil combats free radical damage and prevents photo aging.

Prevents UV induced damage.
Boosts the skin's natural biological defence.
Activates wound healing and collagen production.
The world’s oldest known medicinal plant supports the skin’s natural regenerative activities and kick-starts all other ingredients into play. It's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds Apigenin, Quercetin, Rutin and naturally occurring Provitamin A Carotenoids has shown to absorb free radicals, protect from of UV damage, deflect environmental stressors, rebalance unstable skin barriers, moisturise element beaten skin, improve elasticity, and boost our largest organ's natural defence.

Effectively softens the skin.
Soothes sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
Powerful regenerative properties.
Naturally occurring Allantoin softens the skin and facilitates rapid cell renewal. Bioflavonoids like Apigenin, Luteolin, Quercetin, Kaempferol and volatile compounds Matricin, Chamazulene and Bisabolol have been shown to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, soothing inflammation, speeding up wound healing, reverse UV induced damage, improve moisture content and help absorb other active ingredients more effectively.

Neutralises free radicals.
Stimulates cell regeneration
Protects from environmental stressors
Helps soothe sensitive skin and neutralise free radicals that cause premature aging and stimulates formation of new tissue. 

Promotes the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid.
Locks in Moisture.
Soothing cracked, element beaten skin.
Propolis-rich, organic, unbleached beeswax is purifying, anti-allergenic, antibacterial and rich in vitamin A important to aid cell regeneration. As a natural ‘humectant’ it actively attracts water molecules, helping to keep skin hydrated and dewy.

Forms a protective, invisible barrier on the skin
Restore the skins barrier function.
anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
Produces a mild cooling effect upon skin contact, relieving discomfort and inflammation from sun exposure. High levels of Lauric acid provide anti-inflammatory action and abundant Vitamin E aids cell regeneration.

Protects against UVA and UVB light 

Prevent burns and signs of photo-aging
Promotes wound healing and exerts anti-infective action.
Acts as a reflective shield on the skin and creates a physical barrier between your skin and the sun’s damaging UV rays, decreases the severity of acne lesions and facilitates the removal of dead skin tissue. Zinc deficiency has also been linked to a lack in libido, which I know has nothing to do with sunscreen, but I dare you to silk up, play in the Sun and feel the love juice rising;-)

Superior antioxidant activity and UV damage repair
Strengthens cell membranes to maintain elastin.
Controls and balances sebum.
Rich in powerful antioxidants and natural plant compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs), bioflavonoids that have 50 times more antioxidant properties than vitamins C and E, stimulate restoration of collagen, maintain the integrity of elastin, reduce UV induced pigmentation. High levels of Linoleic maintain the skins acid mantle and barrier function, support the formation of ceramides on the skin’s surface, important for preventing transdermal water loss, and reduce inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Vitamin E powerhouse
Combats photo aging and prevents moisture loss.
Provides natural SPF
This richly nourishing oil effectively prevents loss of moisture and offers excellent antioxidant protection especially where photo aging is a concern. Our Wheat Germ oil is a rare find: cold expeller pressed, unrefined and particularly rich in vitamin E.

Strengthen the skin's lipid barrier and prevents water loss
Minimises inflammation.
Cools and soothes aggravated skin.
An incredibly effective inflammation calmer and wound healer, Marshmallow Root extract significantly reduces UVA-induced skin damage skin and regenerates damaged epithelial cells in the thin outermost layer of our skin. 

Protects from oxidative damage.
Boosts collagen production.
Provides natural SPF
Extremely high in phytosterols which help prevent skin damage and encourage collagen production. A Canadian study in 2000 found that the natural UVA and UVB protection afforded by raspberry seed oil is reportedly similar to titanium dioxide with an SPF protection factor against UVB rays of 28-50, and an SPF protection factor against UVA rays of around 8. (https://www.berrybeautiful.us/assets/characteristics-of-raspberry-(rubus-idaeus-l.)-seed-oil.pdf)

Vitamin C powerhouse
Strong antioxidant action.
Detoxifies impurities and combats sweaty summer breakouts.
The 'Indian Gooseberrry' is super high in Vitamin C, loaded with tannins and flavanoids that exert ultra strong antioxidant powers to protect the skin from environmental stressors. It promotes connective tissue proliferation, stimulates collagen synthesis and and helps remove buildup in your pores, which I find especially important in a non-nano Zinc containing sunscreen, where the Zinc 'sits' on your face rather than penetrate the skin. This ancient Ayurvedic medicinal extract makes our ELEMENTAL DAY SILK a fabulous composition to wear during long haul flights, as it's detoxifying action supports the skin in the air-conditioned environment by unclogging pores. So if you've cottoned on to wearing sunscreen while flying, this is the one.

Neutralises free radicals
Combats dryness
Replenishes Vitamin E
Following Ayurvedic tradition, we use Sesame oil, which has shown to naturally resist 30% of UV rays, to make our sun-infused Amla Fruit extract. In Aurvedic tradition, one of the fundamental daily rituals is a massage with Sesame oil to replace the lost vitamin E from regular sun exposure.

Revitalises skin cells
Provides superior antioxidant action, especially in connection with Calendula.
Rejuvenates mature, photo damaged skin
Exceptionally rich in vitamins A and E, beta carotene and carotenoids, One of the most powerful cellular revitalising extract and natural antioxidant. Carotenes are strong free radical blockers and carotenoids have been found to enhance the body’s ability to protect the skin from UVR damage. Benefits skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scars and acne, improves skin tone and elasticity

Supports the immune system.
Aids oxidative stress recovery.
Strong detox capacity.
A traditional liver supporting remedy, this beautiful oil contains Silymarin, the unique flavonoid compound found only in the seeds of Milk Thistle has shown to prevent UVB-induced immune suppression and help skin recover from sun exposure and oxidative stress. In our SERENITY NIGHT BALM, it helps the body to expel toxins accumulated during the day, a process our liver undergoes every night, so we may wake refreshed and renewed.

Heals skin trauma
Reduces inflammation
Aids new tissue growth
High in sesquiterpene lactones which assists in reducing inflammation and promote the healing of trauma, both pgysically and mentally. Helps moisturise, invigorate and firm the skin, promotes waste removal from and aids new tissue growth. Traditionally used for couperose and rosacea conditions and considered an excellent acne treatment. I find it especially potent in combination with Calendula and Chamomile.

Inhibits Collagen and hyaluronic acid break down.

Strengthens the body's natural defence.
Relieves damage caused by elemental AND emotional stress.
Now we're getting somewhere interesting: Another ancient Ayurvedic herb I love deeply and which you might have been taken internally to boost UV protection from the inside. The 'Indian Ginseng' is a so called Adaptogen, which helps the body resist stressors of all kinds, but particularly relieves the damage that emotional stress can inflict on the skin. I believe it is well known by now that Sun exposure is by far not the only thing that causes our skin to age prematurely, most damage is done through emotional and mental stress. Of course have also included this magic herb for it's remarkable ability to inhibit of enzymes that break down collagen and hyaluronic acid, our skin’s natural moisturiser.

One of the highest sources of Resveratrol.
Shown to inhibitits UVB-induced tumors.
Anti-oxidant, anti-mutagen, anti-inflammatory.
Again, something super interesting: Used extensively in Japanese and Chinese folk medicine for their health properties, this humble weed is one of the richest sources of Resveratrol, which has been found to act as an anti-oxidant and prevents DNA mutation, and has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have shown that topical application with Resveratrol inhibitits UVB-induced tumors and delay in the onset of skin tumor formation. (Baumann L. Chap. 34. 2nd ed. New York: McGraw Hill Professional Inc; 2009. Antioxidants. Cosmetic dermatology: Principle and practice). It was hard to come by so I am incredibly joyous to present this wonder her to you.

Facilitates Vitamin C absorption.
Supports the immune system.
Stimulates cell proliferation.
Ancient Egyptians used elder flowers to improve complexion and heal burns, and this sweetly scented flower has a massive place in traditional folk medicine and drink flavouring the world over. it's a natural anti-inflammatory agent, that accelerates wound healing, relieves swelling and redness, and helps with absorption of vitamin C, essential for cell proliferation and repair. The light gentle flower balances the earthy root extracts, to lift our faces towards the Sun.

Provides natural UV protection.

Prevents oxidative degradation of lipids
Another rare and precious, hugely interesting ancient medicinal herb, hailing from the top of the world, the uninhabited table lands of the Andes, 'The Puna'. From the most remote time, Rhatany, or 'Puma Chucu', has been used by the Incas to treat ulcers, swelling and itchiness, caused by severe weather. The biological astringent and hemostatic action of rhatany is caused by astringent rhataniatannic acid, similar to tannic acid, neolignans and proanthocyanidins. Infusions have traditionally been mixed with coca to staunch blood flow, and as an internal remedy it lacks the toxic side effects of tannins. Rhatany root extract is known for protecting the skin against cellular oxidation, UV radiation and elastin degradation.

Stimulates cell regeneration.
Soothes irritated, hyper sensitive skin.
Takes the edge of the drying mineral Zinc content.
Because one can never have enough Carotenoids when in comes to skin love, my favourite German borne and made fruit Oil makes a supportive appearance in this compositions. It's only plant source that contains omega 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega 7 fatty acid, which help soothe the skin, stimulate cell repair and cell generation and restore youthful glow. Superoxide dismutase-rich, an enzyme, that fights free radical damage and provides superior elemental protection.

Helps increase oxygen flow.

Neuro-protective properties.
Strong anti-oxidative properties.
Saffron’s chemistry truly is of otherworldly complexity, and features in all our compositions as part of our luxurious Sacred Trinity Philtre. The world’s most expensive, most charismatic spice contains over 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds - a biochemical symphony with epic skin-supportive properties. Saffron can help increase oxygen flow important for vital skin tissue and healthy disease-resistant cells. It contains antioxidant carotenoids crocin and crocetin, which have strong antioxidative, cellular and neuro-protective properties.

Calms nervous tension.
Heat-regulating, cooling and moisturising.
Balances sebum.
Heat-regulating, cooling, moisturising, renewing, this exotic essence fights free radicals like a warrior, balances sebum, improves blood flow, and contains 'canangaterpene I', a terpenoid that "exhibits potent antimelanogenesis (melanoma inhibiting) activity" ('Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry, and Bioactivities of Cananga odorata (Ylang-Ylang'). Energetically, Ylang Ylang relaxes the central nervous system and regulates adrenaline flow, so is a fantastic balancer of all extremes: hot/cold, high/low, rage/euphoria, panic/sluggishness, obstinacy/submissiveness, etc etc. Boosts low self esteem, lowers blood pressure, calms nervous tension and deflates stress. 

Rejuvenates skin.
Fades pigmentation.
Facilitates speedy wound healing.
An essential ingredient in our Harmonising Sacred Trinity, that charges all our compositions. We use sun-infused extract of sustainably harvested, fragrant resin tears, plus the resin’s steam distilled essence, to gain a rounded spectrum of biological benefits from this ancient of ancient natural compounds. One of the oldest skin rejuvenators and wound healers around, Myrrh helps activate the immune system, stimulate cell generation, protect skin from the elements and fade dark spots. Energetically, Myrrh aids meditation, helps purifies and lifts the spirit, calms tension, cleanses the mind and opens the passage of consciousness into a higher world

Comforts the soul, lifts anxiety.
Astringents tone and firm.
Stimulates cell repair and balances pigmentation.
An essential ingredient in our Harmonising Sacred Trinity, that charges all our compositions. We use sun-infused extract of sustainably harvested, fragrant resin tears, plus the resin’s steam distilled essence, to gain a rounded spectrum of biological benefits from this ancient of ancient natural compounds. High levels of boswellic acid in Omani Frankincense Sacra resin, regarded as the world’s rarest essence, tone and firm the skin, restore elasticity and repair elemental damage. Frankincense Carteri is high in alpha pinene and other monoterpenes, making it a great immune support and boswellic acid helps stimulate cell repair, fade lines and reduce wrinkles. Frankincense Frereana is high in chemical compounds pinene, thujene and cymene, powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and analgesic properties that help soothe skin inflammation. Frankincense generally Improves blood circulation, prevents collagen degradation and reduces stretch marks. Energetically, Frankincense realigns our self, comforts the soul, enhances mental functions and lifts anxiety

Receives sun energy and grounds intentions
Improves circulation.

Boosts collagen integrity.
An essential ingredient in our Harmonising Sacred Trinity, that charges all our compositions. We make our own potentiated, sun-infused non Nano Gold concentrate, rhythmically activated to energise the metal. Helps cell proliferation and stimulates elastin production, thus slowing down collagen depletion. Energetically, Gold holds the vibration of the sun, radiates warmth, grounds our intentions, anchors our self and opens the heart chakra. Our Gold is Non-Nano, and comes from a certified cosmetic supplier in Germany.


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